June 1 – Children’s Day and Viewers’ Day

We start June 1st programme with film and art workshops to start the day. Today’s KFF Talks will be inspired by the work of Jonas Mekas. In the Masters series, Sergei Loznitsa’s film “Mr Landsbergis,” which precedes KFF Talks: About Freedom. June 2. In the late afternoon, we invite you to the opening of Rafał Placek’s photography exhibition at Pauza, and after sunset at Kino pod Wawelem.

The list of all meetings and Q&As can be found on the Meet the Artists page Here you can see photos from the third day of the Festival.
Today’s meetings and screenings include

  • 9:00 in Kino Mikro “Even Mice Belong In Heaven” and after the screening the workshop – “Światło na stowry i potwory”. Another screening for children on Saturday June 4th at 11:00 also at Kino Mikro.
  • At 16:00 in Kino pod Barami we will show Sergei Loznitsa’s film “Mr. Landsbergis” in the Masters cycle, after the screening we invite you to a meeting and Q&A with the director and a day later on June 2 for KFF Talks: About Freedom. In the shadow of the big brother, or the freedom of states and nations to self-determination. Adam Michnik talks to Sergey Loznica and Vytautas Landsbergis.
  • from the ongoing Czech Fokus series we recommend the film “Anny” by Helena Třeštíková at 16:00 in MOS 2 cinema and a meeting with the director after the screening.
  • at 17:30 at MOS 1 another film from the Masters series “Outtakes From the Life of a Happy Man” by Jonas Mekas. After the screening at 18:45 we invite you to the meeting from the KFF Talks: On Happiness. Practical Felicitology, or how to live to be happy. Talks by Marcin Borchardt with Professor Bogdan de Barbaro. The Lithuanian Culture Institute is a partner of the event.
  • Since Monday, our Festival Club Pauza has been showing Rafał Placek’s photo exhibition Unframed | Presence. Today at 18:00 we invite you to the vernissage and the meeting with the photographer.
  • Day is finished with a meeting by the Vistula river for the film “Under African Skies” in Kino Pod Wawelem

On our website you will also find a map of the most important festival spots and a list of partner cafes and restaurants. During the Festival accreditation holders are entitled to a discount at the following restaurants. Please, show your accreditation before ordering.

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We remind you that you can vote for your favorite movies. Take part in the audience poll and vote for your favorite movie! All films qualified for the competitions of the 62nd Krakow Film Festival take part in the plebiscite. Voting ends on June 4 at 17:00.