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60th KFF Films

Films can be watched online between 31 May – 7 June 2020 (only from Poland, EU).

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  • Acasa, My Home

    dir. Radu CiorniciucRomania, Finland, Germany2020documentary85'
    Kadr z filmu Acasa, My Home

    A Roma family lives in a nature reserve in Bucharest. Their life undergoes a dramatic change when they have to move to a flat in an apartment building. They need to face problems related to a different lifestyle, unknown to them until then.

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  • Adults (Vzroslie)

    dir. Zhenya KryukovaRussia2019fiction26'
    Kadr z filmu Adults

    The confrontation between two adult children of a dead man occurs in his cramped flat on a gloomy day. The brother and the sister have not seen each other for a long time. Their paths have diverged, but mutual animosities have only become stronger. The combination of grief, vodka and the soul creates a powerful image of a family crisis.

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  • Africa Mia (Africa Mia, La Merveilleuse Histoire Des Maravillas De Mali)

    dir. Richard Minier, Edouard SalierFrance2019documentary81'
    Kadr z filmu Africa Mia

    The film title is a reference to a piece by Las Maravillas de Mali, pioneers in Afro-Cuban music. In 1964, a group of young musicians from Mali was sent to a Caribbean island to strengthen the cultural ties between the two communist countries.

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  • Alice and the Frog (Alicja i żabka)

    dir. Olga BołądźPoland2020fiction28'
    Kadr z filmu Alice and the Frog

    A difficult topic and stirring powerful emotions – abortion – set against a surprising background. A story of accelerated growing up which is abruptly imposed on the main protagonist against her will. The teenager appears in the very centre of the fantasy, which is both beautiful and scary. Yet the decision cannot be postponed for ever and she is surrounded by a multitude of advisers.

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  • All Her Dying Lovers (Wszyscy jej umarli kochankowie)

    dir. Anna Benner, Eluned Zoe AianoGermany, Czech Republic2020animated6'
    Kadr z filmu All Her Dying Lovers

    They say that once there was a nurse who was raped by the Nazis. Supposedly, she fell ill after that. Apparently, she decided to take revenge... The animation tries to reconstruct an urban legend from the times of World War II using stories told by the residents of a Czech town.

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  • Almost Human

    dir. Jeppe RøndeDenmark, United Kingdom2020documentary47'
    Kadr z filmu Almost Human

    A poignant cross-genre picture focused on questions about the nature of the relationship between man and technology. Have we already created a new Frankenstein? If yes, will he destroy us? Or maybe he will love us? Jeppe Rønde does not give us any ready-made interpretations. He assumes that asking questions is the most interesting.

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  • Altered States of Consciousness (Odmienne stany świadomości)

    dir. Piotr StasikPoland2020documentary55'
    Kadr z filmu Altered States of Consciousness

    “Who would you like to become?”, “what would you like to tell us?”, “what is the most important thing in life?” – answers to these questions are delivered by children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome. The documentary allows us to glance at their fascinating and unconventional minds.

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  • Anna

    dir. Dekel BerensonUkraine2019fiction15'
    Kadr z filmu Anna

    Somewhere in Eastern Ukraine, in a place without prospects or hope for a change, Anna, who is a middle-aged single mother, decides to give life yet another chance. Under the influence of a radio advert she signs up for a soirée organised by a dating agency that provides matchmaking services for American men and Ukrainian women.

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  • An Ordinary Country (Zwyczajny kraj)

    dir. Tomasz WolskiPoland2020documentary53'
    Kadr z filmu An Ordinary Country

    Controlled conversations, recording with hidden cameras, dirty records of interrogations and recruitment attempts as well as video tutorials for the officers of the security service – all of these materials are employed to portray the monitored life in Poland under communism.

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  • Are You There (Ik ben er even niet)

    dir. Maartje NevejanThe Netherlands2019documentary89'
    Kadr z filmu Are You There

    In her childhood, Maartje Nevejan suffered from epileptic seizures during which she had the sensation of non-existence, temporary inability to participate in the world. Today, the Dutch artist confronts the enigma of space void in the multimedia project of which the film is a small but focal part. Nevejan engages artists and scientists as well as spectators in her projects.

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  • At grandma's (U babci)

    dir. Milena MądraPoland2019documentary10'
    Kadr z filmu At grandma

  • Average Happiness

    dir. Maja GehrigSwitzerland2019animated7'
    Kadr z filmu Average Happiness

    Standard elements of data presentation ran away from Power Point and became the protagonists and the set design of the animation. The sensual dance of bar charts, diagrams and digits alludes to the mutual impact of individual indicators, a domino effect and problems of individuals hidden behind statistical reports.

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  • A Friendly Man (Dusza człowiek)

    dir. Łukasz KonopaIsrael2019documentary22'
    Kadr z filmu A Friendly Man

    Without any hesitation, Joza could be called a jolly good fellow. Open, funny, fluent in foreign languages and passionate about his job of a guide in Jerusalem. But behind this jovial image, there hides a man whose adventurous biography could be shared among a few people.

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  • A Modern Man

    dir. Eva MulvadDenmark2017documentary84'
    Kadr z filmu A Modern Man

    Charlie Siem is a modern man of success. He is a renowned violinist and a model working for the most important fashion designers. Young, handsome and rich, he lives his luxurious life being constantly on the road. Is there anything that he misses?

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  • A Second Family

    dir. Ramón Sánchez Orense, Susanne KraussDemocratic Republic of the Congo2019documentary8'
    Kadr z filmu A Second Family

    Sport emotions, youthful energy and plenty of joy. These are the surroundings in which teenage Amina is growing up. Her mother was unable to find a place for her in a traditional school, so she signed up her hearing daughter for school for deaf students. The girl has been very successful there, she has learned the sign language and become a coach of the basketball team made of deaf children.

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  • A Worthy Man (En Værdig Mand)

    dir. Kristian HåskjoldDenmark2018fiction19'
    Kadr z filmu A Worthy Man

    Night after night Erik works alone in his bakery. His only company is the late-night radio show, which he persistently attempts to get through to be honoured "Joker of the Week". He has gradually become more and more distant to his family, and all his efforts to re-establish the connection seem in vain. A growing depression hurls Erik into a tailspin, that in the end culminates in a desperate cry for help.

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  • backstage.episodes

    dir. Marcin WojciechowskiPoland2020animated11'
    Kadr z filmu backstage.episodes

    How to create new pieces if "scattered sounds revolve around the room and words take no shape"? The animation by Marcin Wojciechowski is not only a story inspired by the life of Ian Curtis, Joy Division's lead singer, but first and foremost - a universal story of a man who cannot handle the reality.

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  • Baikonur. Earth (Bajkonur, Terra)

    dir. Andrea SoriniItaly2019documentary76'
    Kadr z filmu Baikonur. Earth

    The Baikonur Cosmodrome developed in the 1950s is the birthplace of the myth of Soviet space exploration and the symbol of its growth and decline followed by partial resurrection. This desert region of Kazakhstan, crossed by the Silk Road in the past, is also the place where other myths have been building up.

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  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Mellem Sten og et Hårdt Sted)

    dir. Mads KoudalDenmark2019fiction19'
    Kadr z filmu Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    A story about an impossible, albeit inevitable, choice as well as a profound bond between a mother and a daughter. Seldom does life write for us scenarios we would dream about. An unwanted official letter changes both characters’ course of life forever. Only one of them is fully aware of what is going to happen, but she is unable to prevent it.

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  • Between Us (Między nami)

    dir. Dorota ProbaPoland2020documentary53'
    Kadr z filmu Between Us

    Is there a recipe for a successful relationship? Three couples, which differ in terms of their age, experience and the relationship's duration, reveal their fears and dreams related to their life together in front of the camera. This warm and wise film is full of difficult questions, surprising answers, intense emotions and humour, just like life itself.

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  • Beyond Is the Day (Dalej jest dzień)

    dir. Damian KocurPoland2020fiction26'
    Kadr z filmu Beyond Is the Day

    Black and white photographs, amateurs in leading parts and the small realism of Poland’s provinces. Paweł is a single man who works on a small river ferry. Day by day he keeps doing the same things until he meets Mohammad, an illegal immigrant. Paweł decides to help him. Finally, there is someone he can talk to.

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  • Beyond Noh

    dir. Patrick SmithUSA, Japan2020animated4'
    Kadr z filmu Beyond Noh

    A journey through cultures, traditions and beliefs of people from all over the world using 3475 masks. The masks from the Japanese Nō theatre, Mexican skulls or decorations from the carnival in Venice are mixed with pop culture images of Hello Kitty or Lord Vader. Each of them is a symbol or has a secret story to tell.

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  • Bitter Love

    dir. Jerzy ŚladkowskiSweden, Finland, Poland2020documentary86'
    Kadr z filmu Bitter Love

    A cruise along the Volga river may be an opportunity to heal one’s broken heart, experience a romance or repair a failing relationship. With tenderness, the camera captures the characters’ big and small dramas rooting for their efforts to find true love.

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  • Black Sheep

    dir. Ed PerkinsUnited Kingdom2018documentary27'
    Kadr z filmu Black Sheep

    The story of Cornelius Walker, whose life changed on the day, when is peer Damilola Taylor was killed. Filmed with non-actors, the film blurs the boundaries between documentary and fiction to pose difficult and highly topical questions about race and identity. Who decides what makes us who we are? And what compromises are we prepared to make in order to fit in?

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  • Broken head (Zepsuta głowa)

    dir. Maciej JankowskiPoland2019documentary42'
    Kadr z filmu Broken head

    "I like to feel powerful", says Andrzej detained in a unit for recidivists. But problems with the law and drugs make him admit his weakness. Will therapy and a rehabilitation programme help him get back on his feet and sort out his complicated relationship with his girlfriend?

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  • Cadavre Exquis

    dir. Stéphanie Lansaque, François LeroyFrance2018animated13'
    Kadr z filmu Cadavre Exquis

    A visual, acoustic, and odorous ballad through the wandering of a one-eyed dog. In the maze of Old Hanoi's narrow streets, daily life and legend mingle on the syncopated rhythm of Hat Xam, the Vietnamese blues.

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  • Carlotta's Face

    dir. Valentin Riedl, Frédéric SchuldGermany2019animated5'
    Kadr z filmu Carlotta

    Valentin Riedl is a neuroscientist and a physician. Frédéric Schuld is an artist and an animator. Together, they show the internal world of a woman suffering from prosopagnosia, a perception disorder characterised by the inability to recognize faces.

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  • Chubby (Pyza)

    dir. Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Dusty MancinelliCanada2019fiction22'
    Kadr z filmu Chubby

    Trembling camera. Christmas tree. Lights. Holiday commotion, talks, arguments and naughty children. Fun that gets out of control. Or, maybe it got out of control much earlier? The secret that charismatic Jude is hiding will tear this delicate family tissue into shreds.

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  • Coal-Country Song. Gundermann (Gundermann Revier)

    dir. Grit LemkeGermany2019documentary98'
    Kadr z filmu Coal-Country Song. Gundermann

    "Bob Dylan from a mine", is how one of the most famous bards of the German People’s Republic, who was still a star after the unification of Germany, was dubbed. Gerhard Gundermann turned from a worker who believed in communism into the icon of the change that affected his industrial region and the entire country.

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  • Coming Home

    dir. Benjamin SwiczinskyAustria2019animated4'
    Kadr z filmu Coming Home

    Donald Trump announces the day when "cowboys lost to Indians". America is re-settled by its indigenous peoples, while others have to go back home. Bruce Lee, Robert de Niro, Woody Allen, among others, set off on their journey… A film about the US immigration policy, the fear of immigrants and colonialism observed from a distance and presented in the comic book style.

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  • Co-ognition (Roz-poznanie)

    dir. Przemysław ŚwidaPoland2020animated6'
    Kadr z filmu Co-ognition

    The protagonist goes for a crazy run within his own consciousness trying to recognize consecutive versions of himself. What will happen when his egos finally meet? In an abstract way, this animation shows the process of personality development employing the visual play with a black line and the free merging of consecutive images.

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  • Dad You've Never Had

    dir. Dominika ŁapkaPoland2020documentary29'
    Kadr z filmu Dad You

    Dominika visits her father, whom she has not seen for many years and knows only from letters. These few days that they will spend together in his flat will not be enough to change anything in their uneasy relationship. The conversations will be difficult and full of emotions. Will the daughter finally manage to ask the most important question?

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  • Daimi

    dir. Marie GrahtøDenmark2012fiction19'
    Kadr z filmu Daimi

    It is Christmas. The presents under the Christmas tree have been there for a long time, but twelve-year-old Daimi is waiting for her mother to return before she unpacks them. She is alone in an empty flat accompanied only by her pet, an unruly pig.

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  • Depot Asmara

    dir. Beatrice MöllerGermany2019documentary25'
    Kadr z filmu Depot Asmara

    This small African state on the east coast of the continent, once an Italian colony, was a country occupied by neighbouring Ethiopia. Railways were built in Eritrea thanks to Europeans while Ethiopia is blamed for their collapse. The film focuses on two men who cannot imagine their lives far away from the rail tracks.

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  • Dreams from The Outback (Drømme fra ødemarken)

    dir. Jannik SplidsboelDenmark2019documentary84'
    Kadr z filmu Dreams from The Outback

    For many years, the Aborigines were treated as sub-humans in their own land. Although the times have changed, the effects of colonisation are still visible nowadays. Unemployment, alcoholism and suicide are the most common associations with the region of Kimberley where the film characters live.

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  • El Father Plays Himself (El Father Como Sí Mismo)

    dir. Mo ScarpelliVenezuela, United Kingdom, Italy, USA2020documentary108'
    Kadr z filmu El Father Plays Himself

    It is not easy to make a feature film with your own father, in particular when he becomes the main actor and the story is inspired by his life in the Amazon jungle. Additionally, he has a serious alcohol problem. The work on the set turns into a psychodrama.

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  • Epitaph (Epitafia)

    dir. Victor AsliukBelarus2020documentary28'
    Kadr z filmu Epitaph

    This Belarussian necropolis is a place where some people can meet with dead family members and spend time on contemplation. Few others try to look for the traces of the past there and yet another group engages into family feasting. The faces from tomb photographs, frozen in time, look at all of them.

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  • Ernst and the Light (Ernst og Lyset)

    dir. Anders Thomas Jensen, Tomas Villum JensenDenmark1996fiction12'
    Kadr z filmu Ernst and the Light

    Jesus Christ returns to earth with a mission to save the world with the assistance of a new chosen individual. But two thousand years later the world is completely different and the chosen one is not particularly interested in the proposal of collaboration.

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  • Fat Front

    dir. Louise Detlefsen, Louise Unmack KjeldsenDenmark, Sweden, Norway2019documentary87'
    Kadr z filmu Fat Front

    They are young, beautiful and proud to call themselves fat. The characters are not ashamed of their ample shapes and fight for self-acceptance regardless of their looks or opinions of those that accuse them of obesity promotion.

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  • Fat Kathy (Gruba Kaśka)

    dir. Julia PełkaPoland2019documentary14'
    Kadr z filmu Fat Kathy

    The relationship that Varsovians have with clams is similar to the one that once joined canaries and miners. Eight completely inconspicuous molluscs bear the responsibility for the health or even lives of hundreds of thousands of the city residents. Julia Pelka, describes not only the complexities of the capital’s water supply system.

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  • (Fool Time) Job

    dir. Gilles CuvelierFrance2017animated17'
    Kadr z filmu (Fool Time) Job

    Pedro has found a new job. A kind of strange one, but these days, he can't afford to be fussy. It's a real chance! Anyway, he's never been the kind of getting cold feet ...

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  • Fortunata

    dir. Paweł BanasiakPoland2020documentary80'
    Kadr z filmu Fortunata

    An extraordinary life story of a Polish model and a celebrity who made a dazzling career in Italy in the early 2000s. The high-octane lifestyle has its price – addictive euphoria turns into depression. And when after many years she seems to have found her peace thanks to faith, the story takes an unexpected turn…

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  • Free Fall – Private Hungary 10 (Az örvény)

    dir. Péter ForgácsHungary1996documentary75'
    Kadr z filmu Free Fall – Private Hungary 10

    The chronicle of announced death – the story of the Holocaust of Hungarian Jews told using unique archival family materials. The everyday life of the well-off Petö family is thoroughly documented by an amateur filmmaker from Szeged who registered the first years of the war, still carefree, and the consecutive stages of persecution until the tragic summer of 1944.

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  • Ghost Eye

    dir. Wouter Sel, Thijs De CloedtBelgium2020animated19'
    Kadr z filmu Ghost Eye

    Johnny Supro is like an animated "Taxi Driver" from Scorsese's film who observes moral decay from his car: violence, alcoholism and sexual assaults. Was his life influenced by a girl called "Ghost Eye"? A neo-noir journey to the darkest corners of the human soul.

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  • Glass Negatives (Szklane negatywy)

    dir. Jan BorowiecPoland2019documentary39'
    Kadr z filmu Glass Negatives

    The discovery of the eponymous negatives portraying the local Jewish community which were hidden in the attic of a townhouse in Lublin becomes the starting point for a fascinating journey in time and space. The thorough analysis of the miraculously retrieved photos leads to surprising findings…

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  • Glitter & Dust (Glitzer & Staub)

    dir. Anna Koch, Julia LemkeGermany2020documentary91'
    Kadr z filmu Glitter & Dust

    Who says a rodeo is for men only? Four girls are divided by almost everything, they have different cultural background and different motivation, but they share a common passion. They feel perfectly comfortable in the saddle, just as well as their fathers and male friends do.

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  • Go and Tell Her (Czuły film)

    dir. Aleksandra MaciejczykPoland2019fiction18'
    Kadr z filmu Go and Tell Her

    The borderland between Poland and Ukraine. Zoja comes to Poland to sell goods at a local market, together with her brother, but soon escapes from work in order to meet Iśka, a friend she has not seen for a long time. The teenage girl has just buried her father. The tension and closeness arising between the girls is misinterpreted by one of them.

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  • Grandma's Day (Dzień Babci)

    dir. Ewa ŚlusarczykPoland2019documentary18'
    Kadr z filmu Grandma

  • Guczo. Notes on Life (Guczo. Notatki z życia [film z audiodeskrypcją i napisami dla niesłyszących])

    dir. Maria Zmarz-KoczanowiczPoland2020documentary76'
    Kadr z filmu Guczo. Notes on Life

    Screening with Polish audio description only

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  • Guczo. Notes on Life (Guczo. Notatki z życia)

    dir. Maria Zmarz-KoczanowiczPoland2020documentary76'
    Kadr z filmu Guczo. Notes on Life

    Full of archival delights, the film is a story of an aristocrat condemned by his family and a man of many faces and talents. This admirer of female beauty who enjoyed life to the fullest was a sportsman, artist, a friend of Witkacy and a citizen of the world. Who really was August Zamoyski?

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  • Hard On

    dir. Joanna RytelSweden2019animated19'
    Kadr z filmu Hard On

    Secretly, she is filming everything. In a surreal apartment a cougar, a guest, a child and promises of a dog if the child plays along.

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  • Her painting (Jej obraz)

    dir. Olga PapaczPoland2020documentary8'
    Kadr z filmu Her painting

  • Hey! Teachers! (Katya y Vasya idut v shkolu)

    dir. Yulia VishnevetsRussia2020documentary90'
    Kadr z filmu Hey! Teachers!

    Two young idealists start work at school, which they very much want to change. Over the course of one year we can observe their efforts to win the confidence of their teenage students, to stimulate their interests and educate them to be better people.

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  • He Can't Live Without Cosmos (On ne mozhet zhit bez kosmosa)

    dir. Konstantin BronzitRussia2019animated16'
    Kadr z filmu He Can

    Konstantin Bronzit returns to take the viewers to space again. This time the director shows a story of a woman and her son who is born … in a space suit. The boy's dreams of a space flight are toned down by his mother as space has already taken someone away from her. A moving animation about growing up and looking for your destiny.

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  • Higher Love

    dir. Hasan OswaldUSA2019documentary78'
    Kadr z filmu Higher Love

    When Nani, a drug addict, becomes pregnant, her partner Daryl, who is unable to help her anymore, tries at least to save their baby. Without any anaesthetic, the film shows the brutal reality of the American opioid crisis.

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  • House of Writers (Dom Literatów czyli kartoteka zebrana)

    dir. Marek GajczakPoland2019documentary61'
    Kadr z filmu House of Writers

    The legendary Writers’ House at Krupnicza Street in Kraków was a unique place on an international scale. After the war it became a foothold for homeless authors. In 1945-1996 over 100 of them lived there (including Szymborska, Kisielewski, Mrożek, Różewicz and Gałczyński).

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  • How My Grandmother Became a Chair

    dir. Nicolas FattouhLebanon, Germany, Qatar2020animated10'
    Kadr z filmu How My Grandmother Became a Chair

    One day flowers ceased to smell the way they used to. Then music on the radio became interspersed with noise until it stopped playing completely. When an elderly woman started losing her senses one by one, the housekeeper took care of the grandma. A poignant story about old age using metaphor to show the painful process of departing.

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  • How to Swim and Not to Drown (Jak pływać, żeby nie utonąć)

    dir. Anna PawluczukPoland2019documentary22'
    Kadr z filmu How to Swim and Not to Drown

    An atypical portrait of a veteran of the competition in "floating on whatever you can find". Every year Arnold constructs hideous unidentified floating objects. His work is accompanied by constant chaos and the family life follows the rhythm dictated by the anticipation of the coming event.

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  • Hunky Blues – The American Dream (Imigrancki Blues – Amerykański sen)

    dir. Péter ForgácsHungary2009documentary100'
    Kadr z filmu Hunky Blues – The American Dream

    The history of Hungarian immigration to the US in the early 1900s. A variety of testimonies, letters, photographs and takes from the period reflect the feverish rhythm and paradoxes of the life in the new world in an evocative way. On the one hand, there is freedom from the rigid framework of the class system of post-feudal Europe and, on the other – economic exploitation on an unprecedented scale.

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  • Ikki Illa Meint

    dir. Andrias HøgenniDenmark, Faroe Islands2018fiction21'
    Kadr z filmu Ikki Illa Meint

    What are the consequences of blocking someone online? An accidental meeting of two friends in a shop gives rise to reflections on social media and their role in human contacts.

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  • I'm Here (Jestem tutaj)

    dir. Julia OrlikPoland2020animated15'
    Kadr z filmu I

    "I’m here!", the protagonist would like to cry out, but she not even able to ask for a glass of water. She cannot get up because the disease confined her to bed and made her dependent on others. Nevertheless, she can hear very well what her family members say about her condition. This piercing story about loneliness is presented from the perspective of a dying woman.

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  • Innocence

    dir. Ben ReidUnited Kingdom2019fiction20'
    Kadr z filmu Innocence

    Narrated with the verve characteristic of the best British crime stories, this film is an engaging puzzle from the very first until the last take. It is full of emotions, drama and suspense. A worker of a social welfare home dies in mysterious circumstances – he falls out of a window. How did it happen? Only one man knows the answer - Dylan, a boy with Down syndrome.

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  • In Case of an Emergency

    dir. Jakub A. KoziełPoland2019documentary26'
    Kadr z filmu In Case of an Emergency

    Albert used to be the king of life. He had a prosperous photo atelier in New York and led a playboy’s life. Today, he is a taxi driver in Tarnów, Poland. After many years, tired of provincial reality, he decided to go back to the US and close off some unfinished business.

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  • In harmony (W zgodzie)

    dir. Dorota BatorPoland2019documentary14'
    Kadr z filmu In harmony

    The title of this documentary impression by Dorota Bator refers to a place in between civilisation and nature. An older couple lives in harmony with nature following its rhythm. Among green trees and singing birds they cultivate the land and keep bees on a bee farm in picturesque surroundings.

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  • I Am William (Jeg er William)

    dir. Jonas ElmerDenmark2017fiction76'
    Kadr z filmu I Am William

    In Polish version.

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  • I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die

    dir. Eva Marie RødbroDenmark2019documentary76'
    Kadr z filmu I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die

    When you live in the suburbs of Colorado Springs, it is difficult to escape your destiny. The director observes three generations of women from up close and creates an impressionistic picture of daily life which also reflects the internal world of the characters.

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  • I Need the Handshakes (Mnie treba pociskau)

    dir. Andrej KuciłaPoland2020documentary19'
    Kadr z filmu I Need the Handshakes

    A small hamlet lost in the endless Belarusian province. Walentyna, who is 92 years old, lives in a little cottage off the beaten track where she takes care of her daughter who was born paralysed. A frightfully beautiful film about limitless sacrifice, great power of imagination and poetry which can replace reality.

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  • Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs (Jēkabs, Mimmi un runājošie suņi)

    dir. Edmunds JansonsPoland, Latvia2019animated70'
    Kadr z filmu Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs

  • Julia at the Seaside (Julia nad morzem)

    dir. Mariusz RusińskiPoland2020documentary17'
    Kadr z filmu Julia at the Seaside

  • Just a Guy

    dir. Shoko HaraGermany2020documentary15'
    Kadr z filmu Just a Guy

    This is not yet another story about a psychopathic murderer and a rapist, although Richard Ramirez was definitely such a person. It is a story about women who were fascinated with him and with whom he maintained correspondence. The director, being one of them, gives them the voice employing the animated form.

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  • Just Don't Sing (Wystarczy nie śpiewać)

    dir. Jędrzej MichalakPoland, France2019documentary25'
    Kadr z filmu Just Don

    In his film, Jędrzej Michalak reveals a unique combination of music and politics. Poly-Rythmo is a popular band performing soul music combined with voodoo rhythms. In their memories, the musicians of the band return to the times of Mathieu Kérékou, "a rebel nationalist" who authoritatively rules in Benin.

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  • Kadar’s Kiss – Private Hungary 12 (Pocałunek Kadara. Prywatne Węgry 12)

    dir. Péter ForgácsHungary1997documentary46'
    Kadr z filmu Kadar’s Kiss – Private Hungary 12

    An ironic take on Hungary in the era of real socialism which reveals the schizophrenic discrepancy between the official and private version of the communist reality. Lifeless ideological speeches illustrated with sluggish work of labourers on a large construction site and naked female bodies photographed from somewhere in hiding.

    Read more Kadar’s Kiss – Private Hungary 12

  • keep shiftin' (schichteln)

    dir. Verena WagnerGermany2019documentary21'
    Kadr z filmu keep shiftin

    A glass plant in a border region comes to life with the arrival of its first employees. They are well-built, tattooed men from the Czech Republic and Germany. They live in symbiosis, communicate in both languages, but mostly they are focused on work. Thanks to their strong muscles, fragile beauty is created.

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  • Kiruna - A Brand New World (Kiruna - překrásný nový svět)

    dir. Greta StocklassaCzech Republic2019documentary87'
    Kadr z filmu Kiruna - A Brand New World

    A feature-length debut of an artist with Swedish and Czech roots. Thanks to the former she went to eponymous Kiruna, a small town of a little under 20 thousand residents located behind the Arctic Circle. The iron ore mine expansion forced the local authorities to transfer a part of the town to a new location.

    Read more Kiruna - A Brand New World

  • Kites (Latawce)

    dir. Franciszek Dźwierżyński, Łukasz StryjewskiPoland2020documentary5'
    Kadr z filmu Kites

    Kite surfers in the Hel Peninsula. The power of the element and people who can harness it with seemingly childlike carelessness. Breath-taking evolutions. And the passion which literally and figuratively lifts them into the air.

    Read more Kites

  • Kodak

    dir. Andrew Norman WilsonUSA2019documentary33'
    Kadr z filmu Kodak

    The story told by American artist Andrew Norman Wilson may appear incoherent and meandering at first. The spectator has to find himself the concealed relationships between pictures, archival photographs, films, advertisements, computer animations and fragments of stories told by two enigmatic protagonists. It is a fascinating reflection on the status of images and people in the society of late capitalism.

    Read more Kodak

  • Kosher Beach (Hachof Hanifrad)

    dir. Karin KainerIsrael2019documentary62'
    Kadr z filmu Kosher Beach

    In Tel Aviv, one of the most secularised cities of Israel, there is a beach for Orthodox Jewish women. Fenced and marked, it attracts female beach-goers dressed in traditional clothes. It is a shelter and a meeting place for praying women of different ages. They swim, exercise, meditate and even surf under the watchful eye of lifeguards.

    Read more Kosher Beach

  • Kounachir

    dir. Vladimir KozlovFrance2019documentary71'
    Kadr z filmu Kounachir

    In 1945, the USSR annexed the Kuril Islands. Soon after, the Japanese who had lived there for generations, were expelled and their culture was erased from memory. The current residents continue to find the traces of the Japanese past and are longingly looking forward to a better future.

    Read more Kounachir

  • Last Days of Summer (Ostatnie dni lata)

    dir. Klaudia KęskaPoland2020fiction26'
    Kadr z filmu Last Days of Summer

    A summer idyll in a thriving family vineyard is interrupted by an assault on Yana, one of its seasonal workers. The victim’s story can only be confirmed by one person, her friend Tosia. The teenager faces a difficult moral dilemma between justice and protecting her family. What will she choose?

    Read more Last Days of Summer

  • Last Knights of The Right Side (Ostatni rycerze prawej strony)

    dir. Michał EdelmanPoland2020documentary67'
    Kadr z filmu Last Knights of The Right Side

    Although they look almost identical in black balaclavas, they have arrived at extremely right-wing views along very different paths. For six months Michał Edelman accompanied the members of the National-Radical Camp from Łódź during rallies organised by them with the culmination on the Independence Day in 2019.

    Read more Last Knights of The Right Side

  • Lili

    dir. Peter HegedusAustralia, Hungary2019documentary75'
    Kadr z filmu Lili

    The tempestuous history of the 20th century, three continents and three generations of abandoned women. Lili, who is Hungarian, has been living in Australia for many years. She left her homeland right after the revolution of 1956. Her elder child, little Lili, stayed in Europe. The abandoned daughter started a family, experienced a tragedy and left for Canada on her own.

    Read more Lili

  • Little Miss Fate

    dir. Joder von RotzSwitzerland2020animated8'
    Kadr z filmu Little Miss Fate

  • Lola

    dir. Zuzanna WoźniczkaPoland2019documentary11'
    Kadr z filmu Lola

  • Los Bengalas (Orquesta Los Bengalas)

    dir. David Valero SimónSpain2019fiction21'
    Kadr z filmu Los Bengalas

    The backlands of sunny Spain and an old-school band in its annual tour of festivals in small villages and towns. Shiny jackets and catchy songs. This time, however, the tour is different. The lyrics become lost, just like time and places. It is a journey towards the last great concert of life.

    Read more Los Bengalas

  • Lushfulness (Ciałość)

    dir. Weronika SzymaPoland2020animated6'
    Kadr z filmu Lushfulness

    A glance into the mirror encourages a young woman to gradually discover her carnality. She starts with uncertainty and distance to continue with increasing courage and interest. The bolder are the woman’s gestures, the subtler the animation. An erotic game employing visual understatement, body fragments and blurred contours begins.

    Read more Lushfulness

  • Maja

    dir. Marijana JankovicDenmark2018fiction22'
    Kadr z filmu Maja

    A tender glance at immigration as seen by a child. Maja, together with her parents, moves from Serbia to Denmark where she has to learn overnight how to function in a completely new and foreign reality.

    Read more Maja

  • Majority

    dir. Tessa HoffeUnited Kingdom2019fiction15'
    Kadr z filmu Majority

    "Your son is Polish, too?", "He was born here. He is also Romanian", Sonia, a manager of a housing estate for seniors, answers the question which was definitely not asked for the first time. A complaint has just been filed against her. But neither she nor the leaking roof is a problem. The problem lies in the residents and their undisguised reluctance towards the immigrant.

    Read more Majority

  • Maria Is Not Alive (Maria nie żyje)

    dir. Martyna MajewskaPoland2020fiction29'
    Kadr z filmu Maria Is Not Alive

    A story suspended between drama and grotesque, humour and philosophy. Maria is dead, but she remains alive. She committed suicide but remains in her live body for a few days. Not knowing how she killed herself, she is looking for the reasons of her own death. She does not remember them. She observes what the world looks like without her. What now?

    Read more Maria Is Not Alive

  • Meanwhile Somewhere 1940-1943 (Gdzieś w międzyczasie 1940-1943)

    dir. Péter ForgácsHungary1994documentary52'
    Kadr z filmu Meanwhile Somewhere 1940-1943

    This film, a product of editing amateur wartime footage, includes scenes from the occupied countries of Europe somewhere on the margin of history, far away from the main fronts of World War II. The world has gone mad, the disaster is just around the corner, but life goes on with its own momentum.

    Read more Meanwhile Somewhere 1940-1943

  • Millenium

    dir. Daria GodyńPoland2020animated8'
    Kadr z filmu Millenium

    On New Year’s Eve in 1999 a man, who does not leave home that night, becomes by accident a witness to a murder. He begins a lonely investigation as if he were Humphrey Bogart of the 21st century. Alluding to cinema noir and Hitchcock’s thrillers, the film is a black comedy about millennial fear featuring plastic figurines of Virgin Mary, a blanket with the pope’s image and a grandma wearing a pink tracksuit.

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  • Miss Universe 1929. Lisl Goldarbeiter. A Queen in Wien (Miss Universum 1929. Lisl Goldarbeiter. Królowa w Wiedniu)

    dir. Péter ForgácsAustria, The Netherlands, Hungary2006documentary70'
    Kadr z filmu Miss Universe 1929. Lisl Goldarbeiter. A Queen in Wien

    Nostalgic memories, black and white emotions and the first signs of the upcoming catastrophe. Edited using unique archival footage from the period, the film tells the story of a Viennese beauty’s social advancement and great love on the eve of the catastrophe that will annihilate this world.

    Read more Miss Universe 1929. Lisl Goldarbeiter. A Queen in Wien

  • My Name Is Sonila (Mam na imię Sonila)

    dir. Suela BakoFrance, Albania2019fiction20'
    Kadr z filmu My Name Is Sonila

    A group of pickpockets robs the passengers of a city bus. Sonila’s purse is also stolen from her bag, which she refuses to ignore. She is convinced that she can recognise the perpetrators if the police help her. Minute by minute, this simple incident is turning into the Kafkaesque absurd.

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  • My Sleepless Night (Moja bezsenna ciemność [seans z audiodeskrypcją i napisami dla niesłyszących])

    dir. Ryszard LenczewskiPoland2019documentary8'
    Kadr z filmu My Sleepless Night

    Screening with Polish audio description only.

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  • My Sleepless Night (Moja bezsenna ciemność)

    dir. Ryszard LenczewskiPoland2019documentary8'
    Kadr z filmu My Sleepless Night

    This documentary by Ryszard Lenczewski is an experimental take on his work and family life. A cinematographer and a co-author of pictures to ‘Ida’ by Paweł Pawlikowski, among others, this time he shoots the space permeated with the spirit of the past – his workroom and collection of photographs.

    Read more My Sleepless Night

  • Nina (Нина)

    dir. Hristo SimeonovBulgaria2019fiction20'
    Kadr z filmu Nina

    This example of small realism in cinema is an observation of a trapped girl, devoid of affectionate sentimentalism. Nina makes her living as a pickpocket. On one occasion she is caught red-handed, but her victim decides not to call the police and, instead, offers help.

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  • Ninosca

    dir. Peter TorbiörnssonSweden2020documentary104'
    Kadr z filmu Ninosca

    What does a young girl dream of in a small village in Nicaragua? Prince Charming who will help her to get away from her poor home. Prince Charming will appear, but instead of happiness he will bring about violence and destitution. Twenty years will pass before Ninosca decides to leave her violent husband and set off for Spain to follow her dreams.

    Read more Ninosca

  • Noamia

    dir. Antonio GaldamezPoland2020fiction29'
    Kadr z filmu Noamia

    The sun will rise any minute now. A new day is about to start. Fishermen are returning to land with nets full of fish. Screams of seagulls wake up the inhabitants of a seaside metropolis and superintendent Delman is beginning another investigation. It may be the most difficult case of his life because he and the victim share a secret. A genre film with elements of social realism.

    Read more Noamia

  • Nocturne (Nokturn)

    dir. Gwanjo JeongSouth Korea2019documentary95'
    Kadr z filmu Nocturne

    As two Korean brothers find out, music may unite as well as divide people. One of them is a piano virtuoso with autism and the other remains within his shadow, both on stage and in the eyes of their mother, who raises them alone.

    Read more Nocturne

  • Now Listen

    dir. Kijek/Adamski Poland2020animated4'
    Kadr z filmu Now Listen

    A woman is trying to have a dialogue with a man on a pedestal. She wants to tell him something using the sign language, while he remains silent, cast in stone. Only when the statue is hit by a rock and it begins to fall apart, is there a chance for the two characters to find understanding.

    Read more Now Listen

  • Once Were Brothers (Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band)

    dir. Daniel RoherUSA, Canada2019documentary102'
    Kadr z filmu Once Were Brothers

    How did one of the most famous rock’n’roll bands come to life? It is hard to imagine The Band without Robbie Robertson who shaped the musical image of the group as its guitarist and author of lyrics. The film features, among others, Martin Scorsese, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

    Read more Once Were Brothers

  • One of Many (Edna)

    dir. Vuk MitevskiMacedonia2019animated11'
    Kadr z filmu One of Many

    Macedonia, as a stop in the Balkan migration trail, is a direct witness to the suffering of thousands of people. “One of Many” shows a love story taking place in the background of the refugee crisis. Visual metaphors and abstract images make the story more poetic and brutality less literal.

    Read more One of Many

  • On the Top Tyrryry (Na Górze Tyrryry)

    dir. Renata KijowskaPoland2019documentary60'
    Kadr z filmu On the Top Tyrryry

    Please, meet the band On the Top made of rock ‘n’ rollers and rebels. Some members of the group are mentally disabled, some of them are residents of social welfare homes, but thanks to their great passion they do what they like best and they are really good at it.

    Read more On the Top Tyrryry

  • Our Fathers' Sons (Vore Fædres Sønner)

    dir. Ulaa SalimDenmark2014fiction8'
    Kadr z filmu Our Fathers

    A relationship between a father and a son at the backdrop of generational and cultural differences. The father, born in Jordan, moved with his family to Denmark to have a better life. Now, his son needs to face all the prejudice directed toward his father.

    Read more Our Fathers' Sons

  • Our Motherland (Ons Moederland)

    dir. Shamira RaphaelaThe Netherlands2019documentary73'
    Kadr z filmu Our Motherland

    He is a white middle-aged man, an exemplary husband and a father of a large family. His name is Constant Kusters. Currently, he is one of the most important Dutch politicians. His party, known for strong right-wing views, is gaining more and more popularity, while assimilated immigrants are watching all this with concern.

    Read more Our Motherland

  • Overdue (Overtijd)

    dir. Tessa Louise PopeThe Netherlands2019documentary24'
    Kadr z filmu Overdue

    Three girls tell their stories of taking the most important decision of their lives. Their faces shown in close-ups express more than words: pain, solitude and the overwhelming burden of responsibility. Even though all of them are convinced that they did the right thing, the experience of abortion will change their lives forever.

    Read more Overdue

  • Papa (Папа)

    dir. Maryia YakimovichPoland2020documentary29'
    Kadr z filmu Papa

    A beautiful and moving film about a difficult love. Atmospheric, fleeting animations and VHS home video footage bring back careless moments of the past. But happy childhood is only an illusion covering up difficult memories: the father's mental illness, fear and the family breakdown.

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  • Paper House (Papierowy dom)

    dir. Martyna HoldaPoland2020animated6'
    Kadr z filmu Paper House

    In a "paper house" there lives a girl who has never been loved by her family. For her mother, she has always been a burden, a dispensable element roaming around. The girl has always had to play by herself, perform the scenes of a loving family using dolls and escape to the world of imagination. This black and white animation reminds us that childhood is not always colourful.

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  • Patision Avenue (Leoforos Patision)

    dir. Thanasis NeofotistosGreece2018fiction13'
    Kadr z filmu Patision Avenue

    Face pace, suspense and one take. Thanks to its precise form, this seemingly trivial story grips the viewer as if it was a vortex. An actress is in a rush to a rehearsal when she discovers that her son stayed home alone. The woman must deal with the crisis situation using only her phone and fast pace while walking through a dangerous district of Athens. Grand Jury Prize at the Hollywood Film Festival.

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  • Pearl of the Desert (Perła pustyni)

    dir. Pushpendra SinghIndia, South Korea2019documentary82'
    Kadr z filmu Pearl of the Desert

    The Manganiars are a Moslem community that lives primarily in the desert of Rajasthan and is famous for its musical heritage. Combining an ethnographic observation and a creative documentary, the film tells the story of the clash between tradition, cultivated for generations, and modernity.

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  • Photographer of War (Krigsfotografen)

    dir. Boris Benjamin BertramDenmark2019documentary78'
    Kadr z filmu Photographer of War

    For 20 years, this famous Danish photographer has been documenting incidents of human rights violations and on-going conflicts where he has often found himself is the epicentre of war. But the greatest challenge he will have to face is at home.

    Read more Photographer of War

  • Picturesque Epochs (Festői korszakok)

    dir. Péter ForgácsHungary2016documentary133'
    Kadr z filmu Picturesque Epochs

    A tribute to Mária Gánóczy – an excellent Hungarian painter who worked in post-war Hungary. The paintings and films from the protagonist’s private archives make the portrait of an artist who, in uneasy times, was able to combine her love for art and sacrifice for the family.

    Read more Picturesque Epochs

  • Pilgrims of Divine Mercy (Pielgrzymi Bożego Miłosierdzia)

    dir. Przemysław Jan ChrobakPoland2020documentary83'
    Kadr z filmu Pilgrims of Divine Mercy

    In this road movie four repeat offenders, who converted in prison, set off on foot to the Vatican, drawing a special trolley with a gift for the pope – a painting of Merciful Jesus. Four of them are tough guys badly bruised by life, while the fifth pilgrim seems to be a mismatch running away from his own demons.

    Read more Pilgrims of Divine Mercy

  • Plantarium

    dir. Tomek DuckiPoland, Hungary2020animated7'
    Kadr z filmu Plantarium

    A secret garden hidden under the ground is managed by a lonely gardener. The place is bleak, suffocating and disturbing, yet magical. One day, a little boy with dangerous nails grows out of a pot instead of a plant...

    Read more Plantarium

  • Pollywood

    dir. Paweł FerdekPoland2020documentary85'
    Kadr z filmu Pollywood

    It has been no secret that Hollywood was created by Polish Jews. A contemporary director from Poland is following in their footsteps, trying to pursue his own American Dream. The documentary focuses on the pursuit of dreams, which has always driven the film industry. But how to come up with a recipe for success?

    Read more Pollywood

  • Portrait of a Woman (Portret kobiecy)

    dir. Natalia DurszewiczPoland2020animated5'
    Kadr z filmu Portrait of a Woman

    This eponymous "female portrait" is made of social expectations, stereotypes and cultural constructs. Finally, the woman decides to liberate herself from the surrounding limitations. Will she manage to escape? This animated interpretation of a poem by Wisława Szymborska, a Nobel Prize Laureate, was painted using the palette of red shades.

    Read more Portrait of a Woman

  • Problem

    dir. Tomasz WolskiPoland2020fiction15'
    Kadr z filmu Problem

    A single film shot and a single event that shakes up the everyday routine of people sharing the same backyard. Everyone is in a hurry, but an unconscious man is lying on the pavement – and he is the eponymous 'problem'. A short gripping fiction film revealing the director's documentary experience and realistic angle.

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  • Punta Sacra

    dir. Francesca MazzoleniItaly2019documentary98'
    Kadr z filmu Punta Sacra

    The local community of Ostia, despite constant changes in the neighbourhood, is not going to surrender to the marine element or human plans. The director observes with fondness the female community and the unique atmosphere of the place that may soon disappear from maps.

    Read more Punta Sacra

  • Q's Barbershop

    dir. Emil LangballeDenmark2019documentary60'
    Kadr z filmu Q

    A few days in the life of the most laid back barber in Denmark. If you visit Quasim’s salon not only may you leave with the hairstyle like Will Smith or Mike Tyson but also have an opportunity to meet people and talk about love, politics or the longing for the homeland you left behind.

    Read more Q's Barbershop

  • Reason (Rozwiązanie)

    dir. Szymon RuczyńskiPoland2020animated8'
    Kadr z filmu Reason

    A woman called a witch lives in a small town. People accuse her of casting spells on them, causing the death of seven cows, stopping the development of municipal investments and other misfortunes. Only one woman defends the witch. Will she also change her mind when a tragedy strikes her? Hate and double morality are an inherent part of this story about a witch hunt.

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  • Reconstruction (Rekonstrukce)

    dir. Jiří Havlíček, Ondřej NovákCzech Republic2018fiction15'
    Kadr z filmu Reconstruction

    Olda (17) is an accused waiting for his trial in a detention centre for juveniles. The monotone prison life is gradually intertwined with memories of a police reconstruction. It took one summer night for the holiday boredom to turn into a cruel fun that resulted in death.

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  • Re-sculpted in Time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal (Powtórnie rzeźbione w czasie: Sanatorium Zonnestraal)

    dir. Michiel van BakelThe Netherlands2020animated10'
    Kadr z filmu Re-sculpted in Time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal

    "I like to visualise things that were not seen before and in this way enhance my experience of reality", says Michiel van Bakel and this is exactly what he does in his film. The photographer and filmmaker who also studied astronomy and psychology makes use of his competencies to evoke spectre-like pictures of the famous Dutch sanatorium.

    Read more Re-sculpted in Time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal

  • Saul & Ruby's Holocaust Survivor Band (Saul & Ruby – Kapela ocalałych)

    dir. Tod LendingUSA2019documentary80'
    Kadr z filmu Saul & Ruby

    Both survived the Holocaust, live in the US and started a klezmer band a few years ago. Ruby and Saul’s biggest dream is to come with concerts to Poland – the country where they were born and experienced their greatest trauma.

    Read more Saul & Ruby's Holocaust Survivor Band

  • Siv Sleeps Astray (Siv sover vilse)

    dir. Catti Edfeldt, Lena HannoThe Netherlands, Sweden2016fiction79'
    Kadr z filmu Siv Sleeps Astray

    In Polish version.

    Read more Siv Sleeps Astray

  • Solar Walk

    dir. Réka BucsiDenmark2017animated21'
    Kadr z filmu Solar Walk

    "Solar Work" is an experimental and playful visual composition made by Hungarian-born Réka Bucsi. Space exploration pursued by the film protagonists is, according to Bucsi, a beautiful adventure, absurd and melancholic at the same time. The universe as animated by the artist reveals the face which is surprisingly friendly, if not human.

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  • Sonny (Synek)

    dir. Paweł ChorzępaPoland2019documentary40'
    Kadr z filmu Sonny

    A subtle story of difficult family relations. Marcin was taken away from his alcoholic parents when he was twelve and he spent the rest of his childhood in a children's home. After he comes of age, he comes back to his family home and tries to re-establish contact with his father. Yet alcohol addiction turns out to be more powerful.

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  • Submission (Uległość)

    dir. Michał CiechomskiPoland2020fiction30'
    Kadr z filmu Submission

    A story of an angler who faces the end of the world. The ominous prophecy of Saint Ichthys begins an apocalyptic story about the bond between Nature and Man and about how easy it is to destroy the delicate balance between these forces. Intriguing and discomforting, the film is part of the discussion about ecology, not without humour.

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  • Sunless Shadows

    dir. Mehrdad OskoueiIran, Norway2019documentary74'
    Kadr z filmu Sunless Shadows

    Seldom can one pass through the gate of an Iranian prison with a camera, in particular when it is a facility for women. The film characters are inmates who are serving sentences for killing men – their family members. Their life behind bars is sometimes safer and freer than the one they had at large.

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  • Teach (Profu')

    dir. Alexandru BrendeaRomania2019documentary82'
    Kadr z filmu Teach

    He is a man of passion, an enthusiast of knowledge and, above all, an erudite and an exceptional teacher. The protagonist of the documentary, who had become tired of railing against the Romanian system of education, took matters in his own hands and founded a school. At his own home, with passion, he teaches more than just maths to a group of students.

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  • Tell Me More (Powiedz mi coś jeszcze)

    dir. Martyna PeszkoPoland2020documentary29'
    Kadr z filmu Tell Me More

    A minimalist chronicle of everyday challenges that one needs to face when looking after a paralysed person. A daughter takes up efforts to talk, possibly for the last time, to her mother, who communicates with the world only through eye ball movements.

    Read more Tell Me More

  • That Which Is to Come Is Just a Promise (Co ma nadejść, jest zaledwie obietnicą)

    dir. Flatform The Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand2019documentary22'
    Kadr z filmu That Which Is to Come Is Just a Promise

    A trance film made by the Italian-German artistic collective Flatform (Anna Maria Martena and Roberto Taroni). This perfectly edited sequence of intermingling takes is reflection on the age of man – the Anthropocene.

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  • There's No Shooting in Kyiv (V Kyjevě se nestřílí)

    dir. Jakub ŠedýCzech Republic2019documentary30'
    Kadr z filmu There

    ‘I’m trying to live in a normal way for my family’, said one of the protagonists of the documentary about the everyday life in Kyiv, a city where the echoes of war can still be felt.

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  • The Butler (Kaptajnens skygge - Christoffer Juul Jensen)

    dir. Daniel DencikDenmark2019documentary25'
    Kadr z filmu The Butler

    Christopher is a young and well-read man whose passion is cycling. Although he regularly participates in competitions, he always loses. It is not just bad luck, but his conscious decision. Empathy and the need to be useful turn out to be essential.

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  • The Butterfly’s Dream (Efekt motylka)

    dir. Jarosław SzmidtPoland2020documentary91'
    Kadr z filmu The Butterfly’s Dream

    The author of the film observes seven-year-old Zuzia's struggle for life from up-close. The girl suffers from an extremely rare genetic skin condition. Her skin, as sensitive as a butterfly's wing,falls apart under the gentlest touch. The possibility to alleviate the girl's suffering is an expensive surgery in the USA.

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  • The Butterfly’s Dream (Efekt motylka [seans z audiodeskrypcją i napisami dla niesłyszących])

    dir. Jarosław SzmidtPoland2020documentary91'
    Kadr z filmu The Butterfly’s Dream

    Screening with Polish audio description only.

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  • The Champion of the World (El campeón del mundo)

    dir. Federico Borgia, Guillermo MadeiroUruguay2019documentary78'
    Kadr z filmu The Champion of the World

    He is a former bodybuilding champion. He has been left with a serious kidney disease after his sports career, but Antonio Osta has not said his last word yet. The authors of the film capture his complex relationship with his son asking questions about the meaning of masculinity and strength.

    Read more The Champion of the World

  • The Changin’ Times of Ike White (Burzliwe życie Ike'a White'a)

    dir. Daniel VernonUnited Kingdom2019documentary77'
    Kadr z filmu The Changin’ Times of Ike White

    He was a man of many talents and what he went through would be sufficient for several biographies. He recorded his album "Changin’ Times" in prison, where he was serving a life sentence. Conflicting accounts reveal the portrait of an African American artist stigmatised because of his background and entangled in his own lies.

    Read more The Changin’ Times of Ike White

  • The Christmas Gift (Cadoul de Crăciun)

    dir. Bogdan MureşanuRomania, Spain2018fiction23'
    Kadr z filmu The Christmas Gift

    On the 20th of December, 1989, a few days after Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu's bloody repression in Timisoara, a father’s quiet evening turns to sheer ordeal as he finds out that his little son has mailed a letter of wishes to Santa. As far as the child understood, his father’s desire was to see Ceausescu dead.

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  • The Danube Exodus (Exodus przez Dunaj)

    dir. Péter ForgácsThe Netherlands1998documentary60'
    Kadr z filmu The Danube Exodus

    What links Slovak Jews, escaping through Romania to Palestine in August 1939, and Bessarabian Germans who were returning to their homeland they had never seen before one year later under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact? This masterpiece of editing brings nameless heroes of great history back to life.

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  • The Dress (Sukienka)

    dir. Tadeusz ŁysiakPoland2020fiction30'
    Kadr z filmu The Dress

    Julia works at a roadside motel and is overwhelmed by the ubiquitous sense of rejection and loneliness. She is different and the society has made it very clear to her many times. She dreams of a relationship and physical intimacy with a man. Unexpectedly, she meets a handsome truck driver and her fantasies start revolving around him.

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  • The Fantastic

    dir. Maija BlåfieldFinland2020documentary29'
    Kadr z filmu The Fantastic

    Cinema is powerful, it affects the senses, stimulates imagination and, above all, influences what we think about the world. The protagonists of this documentary are refugees from North Korea who, on the basis of smuggled foreign films, shaped their vision of reality outside the borders of the closed country.

    Read more The Fantastic

  • The Father

    dir. Gleb OsatinskiUSA2019fiction9'
    Kadr z filmu The Father

    Andrei must sign documents in order to have his father disconnected from life support. This definitive decision triggers old memories in the man. "The Father" is a subtle story, full of tenderness, about the relationship between the father and the son, the most important things and moments that shape us as human beings.

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  • The Fear (Wielki strach)

    dir. Pawlina Carlucci SforzaPoland2020documentary28'
    Kadr z filmu The Fear

    A terrifying story about the times of lawlessness and the fear which still helps to protect the identities of the murderers. Right after World War II, near Przeworsk, people returning from forced labour in Germany were killed by their neighbours in large numbers. The authors of the film have managed to reach bloodcurdling accounts of the people who as children witnessed the atrocities.

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  • The Foundation Pit (Kotlovan)

    dir. Andrey GryazevRussia2020documentary70'
    Kadr z filmu The Foundation Pit

    Contemporary Russia without censorship is captured in a YouTube kaleidoscope. Complaints and insults, recorded by desperate and frustrated individuals, pour out of screens. They are addressed to President Putin. The film title is a reference to the famous novel by Andrei Platonov.

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  • The Golden Buttons (Złote guziki)

    dir. Alex EvstigneevRussia2020documentary19'
    Kadr z filmu The Golden Buttons

    This Russian school for cadets has frozen in time. Although the boys can use mobile phones to talk to their family members and surf online, the spirit and thinking about the power of the eastern empire seem to have remained unchanged for years.

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  • The Happiest Man in the World (Miehiä ja poikia)

    dir. Joonas BerghallFinland2020documentary85'
    Kadr z filmu The Happiest Man in the World

    An alcoholic, a man struggling with depression, a former soldier, a father deprived of parental authority and a patient with a heart condition. All of them are the citizens of the world’s happiest country – Finland, just like the film director, who decides to take a closer look at his countrymen.

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  • The Maelstrom: A Family Chronicle (Zamęt. Kronika rodzinna)

    dir. Péter ForgácsThe Netherlands1997documentary60'
    Kadr z filmu The Maelstrom: A Family Chronicle

    The footage used in the film was shot in Holland at the turn of the 1940s. The people captured in it are enjoying life: practicing sports, playing with their children and flirting. Although it is hard for us to bear that we cannot distinguish between them, they include both future victims and perpetrators of the Holocaust.

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  • The Midwife (Położna)

    dir. Maria StachurskaPoland2020documentary54'
    Kadr z filmu The Midwife

    The protagonist of the film is Stanisława Leszczyńska, a heroine of the wartime occupation who had worked as a midwife before the war and later helped Jews from the Łódź ghetto. She was captured by the Gestapo and sent to Auschwitz, where her mission began. She helped women to deliver their babies at the most sinister place on Earth.

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  • The Night Side (Po stronie nocy)

    dir. Alexandra NavratilThe Netherlands2019documentary5'
    Kadr z filmu The Night Side

    The Swiss artist explores the history of such a fascinating medium as analogue photography, which has been enjoying a comeback. In "The Night Side" she refers to the unknown details of the technological process that accompanied the production of Agfa-Orwo photosensitive materials. What was the role of blind Gundula Brett in it 25 years ago? Is a picture born only at the meeting point between darkness and light?

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  • The Sasha (Sasha)

    dir. María Molina PeiróThe Netherlands2019documentary20'
    Kadr z filmu The Sasha

    On 20 April 1972 Charles Duke made his first step on the Moon. At the age of 36, he was not only one of the youngest but also one of the last lunarnauts. On the surface of the Silver Globe Duke left his shoe tracks as well as a photograph, important for him, which became the subject of fascinating artistic and documentary deliberations of Maria Molina Peiro.

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  • The Self Portrait

    dir. Margreth Olin, Katja Hogset, Espen WallinNorway2020documentary70'
    Kadr z filmu The Self Portrait

    Lene Marie Fossen does not want to be the ‘icon of anorexia’, although photography is a self-therapy form for her. Her pictures, shocking and beautiful at the same time, become a recording of her desperate struggle against the disease and death.

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  • The Stone (Kamień)

    dir. Bartosz KozeraPoland2020fiction25'
    Kadr z filmu The Stone

    There is a stone in the middle of the park. It is not a typical boulder. When a nun in a wheelchair touches it, she is healed. The abbess of her convent dreams of announcing the miracle but for the archbishop the stone is too secular, too common to be considered a miraculous object. The abbess does not want to give up. She comes up with another idea.

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  • The Unseen (Kaghaz Pareh-ha)

    dir. Behzad NalbandiIran2019documentary61'
    Kadr z filmu The Unseen

    Prostitution, drug addiction, violence and homelessness are everyday experiences of the protagonists of Behzad Nalbandi’s animated documentary. They are called cardboard box sleepers because cardboard boxes are their home before they end up in a shelter at the outskirts of Iran's capital city.

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  • The Verdict in the Case of K. (Das Urteil im Fall K.)

    dir. Özgür AnilAustria2020fiction30'
    Kadr z filmu The Verdict in the Case of K.

    The court verdict for a rape on a 17-year-old girl during a young people’s party filmed by the perpetrator’s friend using a mobile phone does not close the case. The trauma of the victim as well as her family remains. It is the sigma that everyone will have to learn how to live with. Yet, its perception is different for everyone – the teenage girl, her brother and society.

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  • The Whale From Lorino (Wieloryb z Lorino)

    dir. Maciej CuskePoland2019documentary59'
    Kadr z filmu The Whale From Lorino

    The tradition of whale hunting still remains alive among the residents of the Siberian frontiers. The hunting ritual provides people with food and enables them to survive in difficult conditions. The film contemplates the daily life of the Chukchi Peninsula and reveals the brutal aspects of the existence in this forgotten place.

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  • Tigress of Menopause (Tygrysice menopauzy)

    dir. Henryk DederkoPoland2020documentary50'
    Kadr z filmu Tigress of Menopause

    This blunt and naturalistic film is at the same time warm and extremely touching. The new picture by Henryk Dederko offers a closer insight into the phenomenon of a musical about menopause in which four eponymous "tigresses" - with a pinch of salt but without beating around the bush – tell stories and sing about their lives after menopause.

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  • Tigress of Menopause (Tygrysice menopauzy [AD])

    dir. Henryk DederkoPoland2020documentary50'
    Kadr z filmu Tigress of Menopause

    Screening with Polish audio description only.

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  • Tomorrow's Gone (MAHAR KVAR AVAR)

    dir. Boaz GoldbergIsrael2019documentary70'
    Kadr z filmu Tomorrow

    The figure of Charlie Megira has been shrouded in mystery until today. We know that his real name was Gabi Abudraham and that he was a colourful bird of Israeli underground who looked like a character from the early films by Jim Jarmusch. What demons were hiding behind Charlie’s stage mask?

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  • Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves (Toomas teispool metsikute huntide orgu)

    dir. Chintis LundgrenEstonia, Croatia, France2019animated18'
    Kadr z filmu Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves

    A lost job makes Toomas look for another source of income. He starts as a plumber and ends up in Italian porn-westerns. He keeps his new occupation a secret from his pregnant wife. She has her secrets too... A risqué animation with wolves as the main characters leading up to an unexpected finale.

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  • Untamed

    dir. Juliette VigerDenmark2016animated8'
    Kadr z filmu Untamed

    New York, jazz and… a wolf. A reticent teenager tries to tame her father who has turned into a wild animal. Lost in his musical madness, he becomes increasingly more distant from his daughter and cannot see the scale of destruction caused by his behaviour.

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  • Wade

    dir. Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Kalp SanghviIndia2019animated11'
    Kadr z filmu Wade

    A dystopian vision of Calcutta flooded by water, inevitably rising due to global warming. Its residents, paddling in the flood, deprived of their homes, fight for survival with a pride of tigers. Who will win this battle? Who will have to be sacrificed to save others?

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  • Weightlifter (Sztangista)

    dir. Dmytro Sukholytkyy-SobchukPoland, Ukraine2018fiction30'
    Kadr z filmu Weightlifter

    Professional weightlifter Petro is preparing for an important competition. But before the competition, he receives tragic news that force him to make a difficult decision. Petro's inner conflict makes him into more than just a mechanical bundle of muscles.

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  • We Have One Heart

    dir. Katarzyna WarzechaPoland2020documentary11'
    Kadr z filmu We Have One Heart

    A moving animated story about memory, loss and the search for one's roots. A story of the great love between a Polish student and an Iraqi Kurd interrupted by a war. It is also the chronicle of the generation growing up at the end of the communist era in Poland and of the gradual discovery of family secrets.

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  • Where Are You, Adam? (Gdzie jesteś Adamie?)

    dir. Oleksandr ZaporoshchenkoUkraine2019documentary80'
    Kadr z filmu Where Are You, Adam?

    This extraordinary contemplative documentary shows the lives of several monks living at holy Mount Athos in the peninsula of Athos. Their everyday life is subject to strict rules. They pray devoutly and work tirelessly for their community from which women are excluded.

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  • Whispers (Szepty)

    dir. Izabela ZubryckaPoland2019documentary11'
    Kadr z filmu Whispers

  • White Eye

    dir. Tomer ShushanIsrael2019fiction21'
    Kadr z filmu White Eye

    An ordinary situation transforms into a social drama. By accident, the protagonist finds his beloved bike which was stolen a month ago in the street. Trying to get it back, he launches a chain of events that will soon make him question his own actions. Who commits a graver crime here? The apparent thief or the noble and just man?

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  • White Riot

    dir. Rubika ShahUnited Kingdom2019documentary81'
    Kadr z filmu White Riot

    The London movement Rock Against Racism was born in 1976 as a protest against the radicalisation of nationalist attitudes. Its weapons included, above all, mass music concerts. The heated atmosphere of those events is recreated today by the co-founders and fans of the movement.

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  • Winter Journey (Vinterrejse)

    dir. Anders ØstergaardDenmark2019documentary87'
    Kadr z filmu Winter Journey

    A marriage of talented Jewish musicians escapes to the United States during World War II. Many years later their son reveals the details of the couple’s life in Nazi Germany in a conversation with his father.

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  • Wittgenstein Tractatus (Traktat Wittgensteina)

    dir. Péter ForgácsHungary1992documentary32'
    Kadr z filmu Wittgenstein Tractatus

    An experimental film essay based on "The Logical Philosophical Treatise" by Wittgenstein. Juxtaposing archival, black and white photos from the early 1900s with oral and written quotes, Forgács illustrates the key concepts for the Viennese philosopher, such as logic, language and reality.

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  • Wood Child and Hidden Forest Mother (Dziecko z drewna i ukryta matka lasu)

    dir. Stephen IrwinUnited Kingdom2020animated10'
    Kadr z filmu Wood Child and Hidden Forest Mother

    There is a hunt in progress, more and more animals are falling dead. Only a little boy is resistant to the hunter's shots. A bullet doesn't kill him, but opens a tunnel to a magical forest in his belly. This is how a psychedelic journey in a time loop, full of bizarre animals, absurd events and surprising metamorphoses, begins.

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  • xABo: Father Boniecki (xABo: Ksiądz Boniecki)

    dir. Aleksandra PotoczekPoland2020documentary73'
    Kadr z filmu xABo: Father Boniecki

    An intimate portrait of a man on the road. The film shows a priest, aged 85, who can always find time for a meaningful conversation and, simultaneously, remains torn between his faith and concern about the condition of the contemporary Church, in particular in Poland.

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  • xABo: Father Boniecki (xABo: Ksiądz Boniecki [AD])

    dir. Aleksandra PotoczekPoland2020documentary73'
    Kadr z filmu xABo: Father Boniecki

    Screening with Polish audio description only.

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  • Your Own Bullshit (Własne śmieci)

    dir. Daria KopiecPoland2020animated6'
    Kadr z filmu Your Own Bullshit

    Find a job, get married and get down to work – the slogans repeated by his parents make the character’s ears bleed. This animated caricature of a family dinner and a satire on the life in the shadow of social expectations is a drama in three acts. It includes two dishes and a dessert – topped with a religious sauce, spiced with choral singing and served on grotesque tableware.

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