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On the centenary of Stanisław Lem’s birthday we would like to take you on a journey to the most exotic and complex area of the universe. We will come close to an equally, or maybe more, mysterious object as the thinking planet of Solaris. Its interior has been less studied than a pulsar nucleus. What are the sources of its endless ingenuity? What in its activity is considered a norm and what is an aberration? Is a probe called Science able to examine this exotic planet called Man? Answers to these questions will be provided by six brilliant documentaries combining knowledge about the human brain and film art in a harmonious way.
  • Green Bank Pastoral (Ballada o Green Bank)

    dir. Federico Urdaneta

    Green Bank, a small town in West Virginia, in the 1950s became home to one of the biggest radio telescopes in the world. It is also a mecca for those who consider themselves sensitive to electromagnetic radiation because the area surrounding Green Bank is the National Radio Quiet Zone.

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    film still Green Bank Pastoral
  • Lost in Face

    dir. Valentin Riedl

    Scientist and artist Valentin Riedl returns to the protagonist of his beautiful short film ‘Carlotta's Face’. In this hybrid documentary combining a rational and emotional order, he presents the internal world of a person with a visual perception disturbance - prosopagnosia. The impossible becomes possible, not only thanks to the sensitivity of the director but also of the author of animated sequences - Frédéric Schuld.

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  • MS

    dir. Suzanne Raes

    Unique for documentary cinema, the film is an in-depth dialogue between a scientist and an artist who share one passion in life – the mysterious disease of multiple sclerosis. For him, a neurologist, it is an exhausting professional challenge. For her, an author, it is a severe personal tragedy. They both share frustration. Two languages of description and two perspectives become intertwined in a poignant but scientifically sound report on the status of helplessness.

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  • The Mushroom Speaks

    dir. Marion Neumann

    Hidden and inconspicuously beautiful, mushrooms seldom play main film parts. It is regretful, as they may serve as an excellent example of how to enter into successful alliances or life giving symbioses and fruitful collaboration in delicate ecosystems. Seemingly frail, they are immortal and eternal. Separate, they join forces to form a gigantic network and become omnipresent.

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  • The Wakeful Sleeper (Le dormeur éveillé)

    dir. Boris Van der Avoort

    Manifestly inspired by the achievements of surrealists, the film is a recording of a private investigation in which the director is looking for the causes of a mysterious condition – insomnia. In a brilliant form, it is a beautiful metaphor on the path between reality and a dream, on what is a product of science and what is a sensation. What is a dream and what role does it play? Is there any inter-species dreaming community? In his intimate visual diary, Boris Van der Avoort records the states of mind and body suspended between light and darkness.

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  • The World of Thinking

    dir. Misha Wessel, Thomas Blom

    Founded in 1930, the Institute for Advanced Studies was to be an idyll with its employees and fellows relieved of any duties but one - thinking unique thoughts. Is this last harbour of Albert Einstein implementing this aim or has it become a utopia where the unspoken pressure of society becomes a reason for obsession?

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