Utopia is a word that encompasses the echoes of betrayed revolutions and millions of biographies that were trampled upon. When transcribed in the language of an ideology, it flutters over the killing fields and extermination camps. It is synonymous with the state of ubiquitous justice, which is unattainable as proven by the experiences of the 20th century. This year’s Docs+Science section explores the territory of a slightly different utopia – an ‘island where all becomes clear’ as defined by Wisława Szymborska. On it, over the Lake of Deep Conviction, in the Valley of Obviously, there grows the Tree of Understanding. This ontological island is the embodiment of the Theory of Everything. Nevertheless, for all its charms, it remains uninhabited as the poet claims. Why? Has it already been abandoned by all explorers? Or, maybe, no one has reached it yet? The films presented in this section will address such questions. The variety of answers they offer may not always be direct, but they will not leave you cold.