Polish documentary panorama

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Such figures as Barbara Krafftówna – a remarkable actress, Aleksandra Rola – an MMA champion and Johanna Langefeld - a guard from Auschwitz have nothing in common but the fact that they became protagonists of documentaries because of their extraordinary biographies shown in a unique and captivating way. This group is joined by women from a Balkan home, ravaged by wars, residents of colourful fields in the commune of Bychawa, a guardian of the memory of Jewish residents (and a doctor from a village over the Neman), three generations of one family and their difficult relations and, finally, an older couple escaping all the standard representations.
  • An Actress in Wonderland (Krafftówna w krainie czarów)

    dir. Maciej Kowalewski, Piotr Konstantinow

    ‘I have always had the curiosity to look further’ – admits one of the greatest Polish actresses. Barbara Krafftówna takes the viewer on a visit to her magical land, inhabited by ghosts of the past, the Elderly Gentlemen's Cabaret and, above all, by her unforgettable artistic creations.

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  • Common Place (Jeden dom)

    dir. Karolina Anna Kuta, Patrycja Skorupska

    In defiance of the war in former Yugoslavia and ethnic and religious antagonism, which is still alive, women from Bosnian Rogatica who belong to different nations, denominations and generations live together in an old house.

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  • Fury (Furia)

    dir. Krzysztof Kasior

    Ola is dreaming about a career of a professional fighter. Eventually, she would like to get out of her provincial high-rise estate, leave local pathologies behind and start to live on her own. How much will she be able to sacrifice to earn a highly coveted master belt?

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  • In a Knot (To wszystko nie takie proste)

    dir. Aleksandra Sykulak

    They are unable to live together, but they also cannot live in complete separation from each other – this is the picture of the grandparents that their granddaughter is trying to put together standing behind the camera. They split 30 years ago. He stayed in Warsaw and she moved to Berlin. How is it possible that they have remained in close contact?

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  • It's a Very Pretty Picture (Ten obrazek jest bardzo ładny)

    dir. Jakub Ciosiński

    These intimate situations were recorded with a phone, registered on a VHS tape or filmed using a digital camera. Jakub Ciosiński shows the life of a three-generational family in the context of love failures and problems with relationship building.

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  • Over the River (Nad Niemnem)

    dir. Andrei Kutsila

    Once he wanted to be a soldier and today he is a rural doctor and a hard-working farmer. He is also a lonely guardian of the memory of this land’s Jewish inhabitants whose only reminder is an overgrown cemetery. A bucolic landscape over the Neman River preserves the traces of the deceased.

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    film still Over the River
  • The Disappearance of Johanna Langefeld (Johanna Langefeld. Historia znikania)

    dir. Władysław Jurków, Gerburg Rohde-Dahl

    She was a senior supervisor in Nazi concentration camps, but directly after the war she managed to get away from a prison in Krakow. The documentary investigates the most mysterious thread of the escape: how did it happen that a group of Polish female inmates from Ravensbrück helped the former SS woman?

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  • Universes (Mikrokosmosy)

    dir. Dorota Roś

    There is a national festival, ‘In the Land of Dumplings’, in Bychawa. This peculiar event and a spectacular photograph of a NASA astronaut have a common denominator – a small commune in the region of Lublin. The view is beautiful from afar, but what do little homelands look like from up close?

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