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All these short documentaries, feature films and animations have passports to the international career. This section presents nominees to the European Film Award in 2020 from the most important festivals of our continent. The Krakow Film Festival is in this exclusive company and presents the best European short films of last year, among which there is the winner of the European Film Award in the short film category - ‘All Cats Are Grey in the Dark’ directed by Lasse Linder.
  • All Cats Are Grey in the Dark (Nachts sind alle Katzen grau)

    dir. Lasse Linder

    Christian, a lonely middle-aged man, lives with his two beloved cats, Marmolada and Katyusha. As he wants to become a father, he decides to have Marmolada inseminated by a foreign cat, Hector. This subtle film shows an unconventional relationship between a human and an animal and the need of becoming close and developing a bond. European Film Award for Best Short Film in 2020

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  • Genius Loci

    dir. Adrien Mérigeau

    Reine, a young and fragile loner, is going through a difficult period in her life. One night, everything around her becomes surprisingly metaphysical. Walking through a city, the girl somehow enters into interactions with other loners and notices touching unity amidst urban chaos. Will this evening bring answers to the questions about existence and the need of transformation pestering her? EFA nominee at Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

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  • Invisible Hero (Invisível Herói)

    dir. Cristèle Alves Meira

    Duarte is an older blind man who, on his birthday, decides to find his friend from Cabo Verde, Leandro, who mysteriously disappeared. Regardless of Lisbon summer heat, Duarte walks around his neighbourhood getting to know the city residents from different social strata, but it turns out that no one has seen or remembers his friend. Eventually, his mission will lead him to the place that might reveal his secret. EFA nominee at Clermont-Ferrand

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  • It Wasn't the Right Mountain, Mohammad (It wasn't the Right Mountain, Mohammad)

    dir. Mili Pecherer

    God, Abraham, Isaac, a lost shepherdess and a herd of antelopes (in the rile of the Ram) appear in this ancient tale which has been transposed to a new digital world; a world in which no one is innocent and where the things which we search for – and eventually find – are destined to be lost again.

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  • Memorable (Mémorable)

    dir. Bruno Collet

    Recently, Louis has been experiencing strange incidents. He keeps forgetting things and his world is becoming less and less real. At a slow pace, furniture, items or even people are losing shape, becoming damaged or sometimes simply fall out. The aging painter and his wife find it more and more difficult to deal with the man’s progressing dementia. This stop-motion animation won an EFA nomination at the Tampere Film Festival.

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  • Nina (Нина)

    dir. Hristo Simeonov

    This example of small realism in cinema is an observation of a trapped girl, devoid of affectionate sentimentalism. How did Nina become deprived of the carefree joy of childhood so that she ended up in the care of a much older man in an unknown city, far away from her family? She makes her living as a pickpocket. She finds friendship in the company of an abandoned dog. During her next attempt she is caught red-handed, but her victim decides not to call the police and, instead, offers help. Will it be sufficient to escape to a better life?

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  • People on Saturday (Menschen am Samstag)

    dir. Jonas Ulrich

    On a sunny and lazy afternoon in Zurich a businessman is lying on a bench in the middle of a crowded square. At a different location a teenager is longing for recognition. A traveller is struggling with a ticket machine. The film shows 10 scenarios of everyday situations in the city. The people in them must face little or big problems and each of them is like Sisyphus rolling his or her small stone of everyday life up the hill. EFA nominee at Locarno.

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  • Sun Dog

    dir. Dorian Jespers

    On the longest night of the year, Fedor, a young locksmith, takes his time to walk from client to client in the darkness of the freezing Russian Arctic. With every order, he seems to be losing himself even more to the world of dreams until surreal meetings reach a culmination point and a fascinating optical phenomenon can be seen on the horizon. EFA nominee at Rotterdam.

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  • The Best City Is No City at All (Die Beste Stadt ist Keine Stadt)

    dir. Christoph Schwarz

    A young man is sitting in a rusty hangar and playing the guitar. A desolate wooden church will be transferred to the outskirts of an urban expansion zone to be used for cultural purposes. Kindergarten children sitting on chairs arranged in a circle are telling the entire group what they do not do. This film essay presents many perspectives on Vienna’s urban expansion. They all share the sentimental criticism of growth and the refusal to progress in the face of an inevitable environmental disaster.

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    film still The Best City Is No City at All
  • The Golden Buttons (Złote guziki)

    dir. Alex Evstigneev

    This Russian school for cadets has frozen in time. Although the boys can use mobile phones to talk to their family members and surf online and the military drill classes include ballet exercises, the spirit and thinking about the power of the eastern empire seem to have remained unchanged for years. The camera patiently portrays students giving them an opportunity to speak about themselves and also captures them in various everyday situations. The documentary shows the picture of regular boys who have become entangled in dangerous mechanisms at a young age. The winner of the Silver Dragon Award for the best short documentary film at the 60th KFF.

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  • The Shift

    dir. Laura Carreira

    Anna takes her dog on a morning walk before she goes shopping. At the supermarket the woman is trying to find the cheapest items and gives up on little pleasures. When she is close to the checkout counter, she gets a phone call from work. It turns out she has lost her job. The film shows a difficult situation of a temporary employee as seen by a young woman who is hopeless when her life falls into pieces within one moment. EFA nominee at Venice.

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  • Things that Happen in the Bathroom (Rzeczy, które wydarzają się w łazience)

    dir. Edward Hancox

    For Jak, the bathroom is a refuge where he can exist without the need to wear a mask that he presents to the world every day. Here, he performs the rituals of styling, cleansing and finding comfort. Here, he discovers his queer identity. But when he is raped by his new lover, his sense of personal autonomy is crushed. The film explores the issues of loneliness, sexual uncertainty and expectations. EFA nominee at the Cork International Film Festival

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    film still Things that Happen in the Bathroom
  • Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days (Tio Tomás, A Contabilidade Dos Dias)

    dir. Regina Pessoa

    This story is presented in the form of a letter written to the uncle of a young woman, a neurotic outsider obsessed with numbers. All the time the girl considers him fascinating, unique and trustworthy. Black and white images supplemented with a shade of red revive the past. Regina’s memories are a tribute to Tadeusz and an expression of her faith that you do not need to be ‘someone’ to become exceptional for someone else. EFA nominee at the Riga International Film Festival

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    film still Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days