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  • Captive

    dir. Lika Nadir

    Russia. On the monitors of a nightclub, beautiful girls dance in front of an uninterested clientele. From the radio and television come recruitment announcements for a ‘special military operation’. In the drawer of Savvy's young bodyguard lies a gun. Would he be able to use it to kill someone? In the name of what? Love? Propaganda?

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  • Everything Needs to Live [PL audio description] (Wszystko ma żyć)

    dir. Tetiana Dorodnitsyna, Andrii Lytvynenko

    Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world – that’s the motto of Anna, the strongest woman in the world, who loves animals. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Anna joined by a group of volunteers are doing everything possible to save as many wounded and abandoned animals as they can in these difficult days.

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    film still Everything Needs to Live [PL audio description]
  • Fahnenflucht

    dir. Emil Ahlhelm, Konradin Schuchter

    If you are a man, you have only two options during a war – stay and fight or leave to save your life. Not everyone wants to lay down their life for their homeland and this should be respected. A story of people who refused to participate in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine on account of their beliefs.

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  • Flowers of Ukraine (Kwiaty Ukrainy)

    dir. Adelina Borets

    On a flowery plot of land, in the middle of a block of flates in Kiev lives 67-year-old Natalia, who has been fighting for years against investors who would like to build another property in place of her house. And just when it seems that fighting the developers is the worst thing that happens to her, Russia's attack on Ukraine begins.

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  • Intercepted (Przechwycone)

    dir. Oksana Karpovych

    What are Russian soldiers talking about when they call their families from the front? The phone conversations recorded by the Ukrainian secret service in the first six months of the war reveal a completely different picture than the one created by the Kremlin propaganda. When set against post-apocalyptic views, they make a paralysing study of enslavement and conformism.

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    Awards:Silver Horn / Special Award
  • Nice Ladies

    dir. Mariia Ponomarova

    A team of aging Ukrainian cheerleaders hold on to their friendship as each navigates the trauma of war in her own way.

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    film still Nice Ladies
  • Where Russia Ends (Tam, de zakinchuyetʹsya Rosiya)

    dir. Oleksiy Radynski

    In 2022, during Russia’s on-going invasion of Ukraine, unknown film footage was discovered in Kiev. It is a testimony to the erased history of numerous imperialistic wars waged by Russia against its later colonies.

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    film still Where Russia Ends