The Krakow Film Festival is one of the participants in the “Festivals for the Climate” group, a joint initiative of several organisers of Krakow festivals. The aim of this initiative is to support and develop sustainable pro-climate solutions that can be implemented during cultural events. Together, we want to work towards systemic changes in the functioning of organisations behind the cultural initiatives. “Festivals for the Climate” is one of the first steps towards sustainable culture.

The participants have recognised the need for collective action in:

  • Sustainable development: including shared responsibility of Krakow festivals for climate change.
  • Social integration and inclusion: in the context of current and future migration crises.
  • Equality and rights: in the context of minority rights, strengthening the role of women in public life, and the city’s equality and anti-discrimination policies.

“Festivals for the Climate” collection of good pro-ecological practices.