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The organizer of Krakow Film Festival is Krakow Film Foundation.

Krakow Film Foundation was launched in 2003 on the initiative of the festival’s director Krzysztof Gierat by Apollo Film Institution to organise Krakow Film Festivals and other events connected with cinema. The main areas of the foundation’s activity, apart from organising the Festival, are: promoting Polish films at home and abroad, supporting audiovisual creative work of high artistic value, ensuring the professional and artistic development of Polish film makers, organising special screenings and shows, workshops, seminars, discussions and other events which create an opportunity for meetings, sharing experiences and discussing contemporary film culture.

Krakow Film Foundation deals with comprehensive promotion of Polish films abroad, together with three projects carried out in co-operation with Polish Film Institute: Polish Docs, Polish Shorts and Polish Animations. The area of the Foundation’s activity in this regard includes, among others, organising reviews of Polish cinema and co-ordinating stalls at the most important festivals and film markets, preparing and issuing promotional DVDs containing the compilation of Polish productions, preparing and co-ordinating the delegations of Polish film makers and producers at film festivals abroad.

Starting in 2016, film promotion is also accompanied by sales under the name KFF Sales & Promotion, which seems to be a natural development of the Foundation’s former activities.

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