Competitions and Non-competing series




It brings together the most moving and shocking stories, which are concerned with current social and political problems around the world, but are not indifferent to the fate of the individual, either. In the competition, 20 films are shown (10 medium- and 10 feature-length ones), the running time of which is longer than 30 minutes.



Presents short documentary and feature films and animated films (not longer than 30 minutes) by film makers from the most distant corners of the world, thanks to which it is the most diverse and intriguing competition collection at the festival. The awards given in this competition shorten the path of applying for the nomination for the Academy Award, and the best European film award is at the same time the nomination for the European Film Award.



The most recent competition at the festival, in which 10 music documentary films from around the world compete. DocFilmMusic proves that the genre of music documentary film does not include only biographies of the artists or music groups, but also an unconventional play with the form, interesting approach to the subject and journeys into musical stories which are still unfathomable.



The oldest competition, which aroused enormous emotions from the very beginning. The competitors in it are Polish documentary (short-, medium- and feature-length) films, animated and feature films (no longer than 30 minutes). Both recognised film makers and promising beginners vie in this competition. In the selection, priority is given to the productions which have not been distributed in Polish cinemas before and which have not been presented at any festival before.


Non-competing series:



This section presents films produced in Europe, but depicting these less known and less explored faces of our continent. The documentary films shown in this section present a wide spectrum of problems which plague our neighbours, and their microcosm, located far away from the neon lights and big city traffic of modern European capitals.



In this series, we travel to various less and more familiar corners of our globe, following interesting stories, strong protagonists and issues which are always current, told by great directors but also by beginner film makers.



The series includes the films which have already been appreciated and awarded at prestigious documentary and short film festivals around the world. It is a perfect opportunity to catch up and watch the most famous films of the year.



A section presenting the work of the Dragon of Dragons winner, an award given to documentary and animated filmmakers in recognition of their unique contribution to the development of the world cinema. The prize, awarded by the Krakow Film Foundation Programme Council, is handed out during a ceremony taking place on the third day of the festival.



Screenings of music films in the open air, at the foot of Wawel Castle itself, always enjoy great popularity. Every year, music journalist Piotr Metz cares about the perfect and unique programme. In Kino Pod Wawelem, one can see films in which rhythm and sounds are the essence of life: music film classics, biographies of artists and music groups, histories of music genres.



A meticulous selection of the most interesting Polish documentary films, short feature films and the latest animations, both these which have already achieved their first significant successes and those for which the première at the festival can be a passport to international career.



A review of scientific documentary films, organised in co-operation with Foundation for AGH (AGH University of Science and Technology). In the programme, there are intriguing documentaries about the latest discoveries, innovations, but also films about the people, who create science – scientists, enthusiasts and discoverers. The screenings are accompanied by meetings with film makers and experts, and all this is held in the perfectly suited halls of the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics at AGH University of Science and Technology.



During the festival, we also planned activities for the youngest viewers. Kids&Youth, initiated in 2005, is a film programme for children and teenagers, prepared together with our international partners. The series includes screenings dedicated to pupils of primary, secondary and upper secondary schools as well as screenings of family films for individual viewers. 



Prepared by the European Film Academy, the review of short films nominated for the European Film Awards and shown at festivals and film reviews in the entire Europe and beyond.



Organised for more than 10 years, night-time review of the most interesting music videos of alternative music. The music videos, selected by Jan Chłoniewski, are a treat both for music fans and lovers of unconventional short film forms.



Presentation of the achievements of film school students.



The main protagonist of this review is the cinema of the selected country. Apart from presentations of the latest film achievements, an industry conference is also organised, featuring film makers and the representatives of film institutions. The first country invited to the festival in 2010 was Israel, followed by the Netherlands (2011), Italy (2012), Switzerland (2013), Great Britain (2014), Lithuania (2015), Sweden (2016), Germany (2017), Estonia (2018), Finland (2019).