Competitions and Non-competing series



It collects the most moving and shocking stories that concern current social and political problems around the world, but they are also not indifferent to the fate of the individual. The competition presents about 20 films (medium and full-length), which are longer than 30 minutes. The Golden Horn, the main award in the international documentary competition, is an award qualifying for an Oscar nomination in the category of full-length documentary film.

The films of the international documentary competition at the 61st Krakow Film Festival



The oldest competition, which has aroused great emotions from the very beginning. Films that compete in it include Polish documentary films (short, medium and full-length), animated and feature films (up to 30 minutes). The competitors are both recognized creators and promising debutants. Preference is given to productions that have not been distributed in Polish cinemas so far and have not been presented at any festival.

The National Competition



It presents short documentaries, feature films and animations (up to 30 min) of artists from the farthest corners of the world, which makes it the most diverse and intriguing competition section of the festival. The awards granted in this competition shorten the path of applying for an Oscar nomination, and the award for the best European film gives the opportunity to apply for a nomination for the European Film Award.

The films qualified for the international short competition


Non-competing series:


This section presents films produced on our continent, but showcasing the less known and explored faces of Europe. The documentaries present a whole spectrum of problems that plague our neighbors and their microworld located far from the neon lights and the metropolitan movement of modern European capitals.

Somewhere in Europe



In this series we are moving into a variety of less and more known corners of our globe, following interesting stories, expressive characters and still current themes, told by great directors but also by debutants.

World Stories



A section presenting the achievements of the Dragon of Dargons Award recipient, awarded to documentary and animated filmmakers for their unique contribution to the development of world cinematography. The award, which is granted by the Program Council of the Krakow Film Foundation, is given during a special ceremony taking place during the festival. At the 61st Krakow Film Festival, on the 1st of June, the award will be given to

Piotr Dumała – the international master of animated film and the creator of original film techniques.



A careful selection of the most interesting Polish documentaries that have already noted their first significant successes and those for whom the premiere at the festival may be a pass to an international career.

The Panorama of Polish Documentary Film



Docs+Science is one of the youngest sections of the Krakow Film Festival. Each year it follows film expressions focusing on fascinating natural phenomena and the biggest scientific discoveries, follows the greatest minds of the era, and takes a closer look at complicated relations between people and technology and nature. In this year’s series filmmakers will try to answer great questions using various film forms and techniques; apart from documentary films we will see animations and pictures that could not be described with traditional genres.

  • “Green Bank Pastoral”, dir. Federico Urdaneta, Great Britain, Columbia, USA, 2020
  • “The Mushroom Speaks”, dir. Marion Neumann, Switzerland, 2021
  • The World of Thinking, dir. Misha Wessel, Thomas Blom, Netherlands, 2019
  • The Wakeful Sleeper, dir. Boris Van der Avoort, Belgium, 2020
  • “Lost in Face”, dir. Valentin Riedl, Germany, 2020
  • “MS”, dir. Suzanne Raes, Holland, 2019



During the festival, we also planned a space for the youngest audience. Kids & Youth is a film program initiated in 2005 for children and youth prepared jointly with foreign partners. The series includes shows for primary school, junior high and high school students as well as family film screenings for individual viewers.



A review of short films nominated for the European Film Awards prepared by the European Film Academy and presented at film festivals and retrospectives throughout Europe and abroad.

  • “Genius Loci”, dir. Adrien Mérigeau, France, 2019
  • “People on Saturday”, dir. Jonas Ulrich, Switzerland, 2020
  • “The Best City Is No City at All”, dir. Christoph Schwarz, Austria, 2019
  • “Invisible Hero”, dir. Cristèle Alves Meira, Portugal, France, 2019
  • “Memorable”, dir. Bruno Collet, France, 2019
  • “Nina”, dir. Hristo Simeonov, Bulgaria, 2019
  • “The Shift”, dir. Laura Carreira, Portugal, Great Britain, 2020
  • “Things that Happen in the Bathroom”, dir. Edward Hancox, Great Britain, USA, 2018
  • “Sun Dog”, dir. Dorian Jespers, Belgium, Russia, 2020
  • “It Wasn’t the Right Mountain, Mohammad”, dir. Mili Pecherer, France, 2019
  • “All Cats Are Grey in the Dark”, dir. Lasse Linder, Switzerland, 2019
  • “Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days”, dir. Regina Pessoa, Portugal, Canada, France, 2019
  • “The Golden Buttons”, dir. Alex Evstigneev, Russia, 2020



The main protagonist of this retrospective is the cinematography from a chosen country. A trade conference with filmmakers and representatives of film institutions is also organized in addition to presenting the latest film achievements. The first invited country was Israel in 2010, followed by the Netherlands (2011), Italy (2012), Switzerland (2013), the United Kingdom (2014), Lithuania (2015), Sweden (2016), Germany (2017) and Estonia (2018) , Finland (2019), Dennmark (2020), Norway (2021)

The films in the programme Focus on Norway



The ever-popular screenings of open-air music films at the foot of Wawel Castel. The films showcased at the Cinema Pod Wawelem, are filled with rhythm and sounds that are the essence of life: musical classics, biographies of artists and bands, genre stories.

  • “Agony”, dir. Tomasz Knittel, Poland, 2020
  • “What I’ve Never Lost”, dir. Marina Thomé, Brazil, 2021
  • “Faith and Branko”, dir. Catherine Harte, Serbia, 2020
  • “Hands of God”, dir. Barna László, Hungary, 2020



The series includes films already appreciated and awarded at prestigious documentary and short film festivals around the world. It is a great opportunity to catch up and see the most recognized titles of the year.

  • “Acasa, My Home”, dir. Radu Ciorniciuc, Romania, Finland, Germany, 2020
  • “The Self Portrait”, dir. Margreth Olin, Katja Hogset, Espen Wallin, Norway, 2020
  • “Sunless Shadows”, dir. Mehrdad Oskouei, Iran, Norway, 2019
  • “Leaving Paradise”, dir. Ofer Freiman, Israel, 2021
  • “Lift Like a Girl”, dir. Mayye Zayed, Egipt, Germany, Denmark, 2020