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This year's Krakow Film Festival program will feature more than 190 films from around the world, including about 100 world and Polish premieres. And to make sure you don't get lost in the maze of cinematic goodness, we've prepared a guide with ten titles that are definitely worth considering when choosing screenings. Dominik Jedliński,
  • All Inclusive

    dir. Małgorzata Szumowska, Michał Englert

    ‘All Inclusive’ takes us on a trip to Morocco with an extremely diverse group of tourists in terms of worldview and character. We get to know the full package of Polish attitudes, vices and characters. Małgorzata Szumowska and Michał Englert once again offer unobvious, original cinema that is difficult to pigeonhole.

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  • A Year In the Life of the Country [PL audio description] (Rok z życia kraju)

    dir. Tomasz Wolski

    Martial law, which was imposed in Poland on 13 December 1981, targeted the Solidarity movement, but it had other faces, too. On the basis of exclusively archival footage, the film explores the backstage of the past events. It undermines the mythicised image of Polish society as a victim of the system.

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  • Debtors (Zadłużeni)

    dir. Andrzej Danis

    In Poland, only two out of ten debtors obliged to pay child support actually do that. What excuses were used by the fathers of the protagonists to wriggle out of this obligation? Can anything be done to change this situation in Poland?

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  • Forest (Las)

    dir. Lidia Duda

    Asia and Marek live with their three children in the Bialowieza Forest, right on the border with Belarus. The cameras installed in the forest have so far served them to observe the animals. But the night-time recordings show that people have appeared in the forest. The whole family is committed to helping the refugees, even though they have no support from the state.

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  • Here For You (Jestem)

    dir. Cezary Orłowski

    Bartek’s mother would like to prepare her son for the worst and at the same time the inevitable, i.e. her own death. She secures his financial and legal future, teaches him what to do when the time comes. And although the boy with trisomy is an attentive listener, completely different thoughts have absorbed his mind and his heart. He has just met a wonderful girl.

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  • Honey Bunny

    dir. Gracjana Piechula

    A simple hug lowers the level of cortisol and blood pressure, at the same time strengthening resistance and self-esteem. Life can be hard without it, as experienced by Staszek and Alinka. In their marriage, closeness has been replaced by routine. Everything changes when Alinka takes up the work of a hugger at Honey Bunny salon.

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  • Inheritance

    dir. Matt Moyer, Amy Toensing

    For a number of years the authors of the film accompanied a family from the Appalachians, an exploited region affected by the opioid crisis. In an insightful and empathetic way, they filmed the situation of the youngest generation burdened with poverty and the omnipresence of addictive substances from the very start. Among them, there is Curtis, a resolute boy ready to break out of the vicious circle sucking up his loved ones.

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  • Intercepted (Przechwycone)

    dir. Oksana Karpovych

    What are Russian soldiers talking about when they call their families from the front? The phone conversations recorded by the Ukrainian secret service in the first six months of the war reveal a completely different picture than the one created by the Kremlin propaganda. When set against post-apocalyptic views, they make a paralysing study of enslavement and conformism.

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    Awards:Silver Horn / Special Award
  • I Am the Creation of Fiction (Jestem postacią fikcyjną)

    dir. Arkadiusz Bartosiak

    ‘I have achieved all I wanted in life’, says Andrzej Seweryn, who then grabs us on a dynamic journey through successive professional challenges, which he still takes up with youthful fervour. The camera becomes his everyday companion helping us to see from up close all the emotions as they arise.

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  • The Last Expedition (Ostatnia wyprawa)

    dir. Eliza Kubarska

    Wanda Rutkiewicz, the most outstanding Polish mountaineer, went missing on 13 May 1992 on her way to Kangchenjunga. The film director, Eliza Kubarska, sets out to follow the same route. She talks to witnesses of the past events and confronts them with theories of Wanda’s disappearance – is it possible that she is still alive?

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    film still The Last Expedition